Saturday, February 20, 2010

Visiting Snohomish and Country Yarns

The cowl's a big hit!
Wearing the new cowl to visit the nearby quaint town of Snohomish today in the glorious sunshine! We took a walk along the Snohomish River. The Cascade mountain range was on display today and looked in fine form, snow topped and beautiful. I did try out some of the Java Inn coffee while in town. They have moved out of this building recently to a new location down the block...

I found some of the Mirasol "Hacho" merino wool that I like to make the "Baby Surprise Jacket" out of at the Country Yarns shop.

This was a great shop to visit and had very friendly staff and clientele. They also had a room in the back where they offer a place for spinning, as well as alot of beautiful locally dyed roving available for purchase, just ready for spinners.

A peek inside the shop!

And of course, a wall of wool, my personal favorite!

And that's about all I had time for since I had a half hour timeframe in which to shop! Yarn, coffee and better way to spend the day!


Sandee said...

Oh is that color 307? I need to get another ball of it. LOL, I wish I'd known where you were going I'd have had you pick me up a ball. (don't worry, I am planning a trip to Acorn Street next week to get it).

I can't wait to see what you make from it.

I love the cowl. The colors are all "you"!

Jeannine said...

Hi Sandee, yes I think it may be that colorway. I got the last three though. I am going to do a Baby Surprise identical to the one I have on my projects page, in the blue/red, since I am giving the first away soon at a baby shower!Thanks!!

Sheila said...

I hope you had a piece of pie at the Snohomish Pie Company!! And the antiques... did you go antique shopping? I didn't know there was a yarn store in snohomish since the last one closed (and it seemed like it was never open anyway!).

Jeannine said...

We didn't eat pie or look at antiques! We'll have to go back for pie! Yum!