Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Trip to Langley

But first, a report on the progress on the Ninebark Cowl. Continuing on knitting as the third repeat unfolds. Which mean it is almost through. Then will weave in some ends. Though soft, the Lustra can be slippery and likes to jump off your needles. It is very lustrous. The brown vest I will do in Cascade 220 in a Heathers Brown. In order to make sure I have enough in my stash, I will hunt for it on today's trip to Langley on Whidbey Island. It is where I got my original brown last year onValentine's weekend. We decided to do the same trip over again this year for Valentine's. On the Mulkilteo ferry ride and in Valentine mall "traffic" on the way home, I began these for my Dad; a simple version of the fingerless gloves I made in December, sans cables. Using Rowan Cocoon (merino/mohair).
After arriving on Whidbey Island we made our way to the town of Langley, and went to one of the many great spots there for our first latte...We parted ways for a bit and I went to Knitty Purls.
This shop is small, but as you can see has many offerings of wool and hand painted yarns. Much in the way of sock yarn also, for you "sockies". I did find my Cascade 220 Heathers and they still had my colorway, one year later! I got a skein so I don't risk the chance of running out of it making my Ninebark cowl and vest.

Another shop in Langley we walked through had alot of embellished imported yarn from Africa. It had ribbon and various fibers built into the yarn and was pricey, but very pretty and unique when knitted up. I got a kick out of their sign. It was a fun place to browse. I couldn't tell the name of the store as was the case in many of the shops in town!
After a great lunch of grilled chicken with caramelized onion/aioli sandwich at the fantastic Prima Bistro and yet another latte from Useless Bay Coffee Company, we were set to get back on the ferry.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Marty said...

You take the neatest short trips! I especially love that they are all punctuated with coffee! Wish I lived closer to Seattle to take some of those trips. We do short trips here in MT but I've seen everything and am ready for some water.

Jeannine said...

Of course all the trips have to have coffee involved! ha! MT must be beautiful. I'm sure one day you will make your way to visit Seattle.

knitterbeader said...

Langley is the neatest place to shop for all kinds of things. We used to live in Sequim and went over there a few times. Now we're south of Puyallup, and haven't been in a couple of years. Happy Valentines Day.

Jeannine said...

Happy Valentine's day to you Knitterbeader. Maybe you will come up from the south again to explore! That's neat you used to live in Sequim.