Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spin a Yarn and Start a Cowl

Starting on the Ninebark Cowl, from the Winter/Spring 2010 Knitscene magazine. This caught my eye and I love the color combos! I am making it detached from the vest. Cast on 100 using the size 5 circs. Tried it on to make sure it would fit over my head. Someone else recommended casting on a few more sts. to start. I am using the Lustra for the teal, green and coral. I am using Inca Gold for the burgundy. Cascade 220 for the brown. The Lustra is very soft and can be slippery. Careful, it can slide off the needles. This is my first time doing any knit work in "color" changes. So I am trying to carry across the back when I can. The pattern is in 25 rows, then you reverse directions and increase so the cowl "grows" as you make it through the final 2 repeats, also changing up the needle size.Changing needles to size 7's on the 11th row of the second pattern repeat, and now the knitting is done on the wrong side for the rest of the cowl. I suppose because a cowl sort of flops over and this is done so you see the pattern when it flops. Edited post to add this pic:

Today, my excursion with a friend was to a quaint old house in Edmonds, where the Spin a Yarn shop is found. Each room features different types of yarn. Some of the sections are arranged by color. It was a sunny day for a ladies day out, with a "must see" trip to C'est La Vie gift shop to show her why I love my Troll bead collection, (I almost have her convinced) and yummy lunch at Chanterelle's.


Sandee said...

That is beautiful. love the colors together.

I know where that house is. I lived in Edmonds during my high school years and did a lot of shopping in the downtown core. They had a cute little dress shop where I bought several formals.

There used to be the "Edmonds Variety Shop" on Main, just up from the ferry dock and that is where I made a lot of yarn purchases. I bought my first sock yarn there in the 9th grade.

It turned out to be a lovely day, didn't it?

Beatriz said...

I'm so impressed with your colorwork knitting. The colors look beautiful. I still haven't tried it except on a hat years ago. What a beautiful yarn shop.

Jeannine said...

It was a lovely sunny day. Now back to the rain!! Edmonds is a fun little town. Thanks, Sandee and Bea, The colors of the cowl are pretty together. This is my first attempt at colorwork knitting.