Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fingerless Glove Shortage

This pattern was supposed to make two gloves with one skein as long as you didn't do a gauge swatch first. Alas, I am still short several rows worth of yardage, as well as one thumb! Must be the yarn I chose has less yardage per skein. Bummer...I have to get another skein of it. I did not like the way the former picot bind off appeared, so I ripped back and did a regular bind off, but did it from the inside edge of the glove. Now it looks like this:


knittinwolf said...

Those look nice! I still haven't done those yet...the pattern, needles, yarn all in a bag...although I have quite a few projects done this way because I usually buy my yarn in mind of a certain project!:)

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