Saturday, October 3, 2009

Plum Top-Down Cardigan

The Plum Top-Down Cardigan is complete! I wore it to work today with this jumper. It drew a few compliments and someone asked me for the pattern. I wore it to the dry cleaners where she had me pose for these two pictures. (I am friends with the dry cleaner ladies and they are always wondering what I am knitting next!) I have renamed this "Plum" because my family voted that it is NOT eggplant in color. OK,'s plum!
Well, you get the idea of the fit. I wanted something cropped and imagined I would wear it with this grey jumper to work. This was an easy pattern. Lots of buttons. All nine of them!

It is shown below drying and prior to buttons today. I knit down to a cropped length and chose to do short sleeves. Knit using Berroco Inca Gold yarn, in what I call "eggplant" color. This pic does not reflect the true color here in natural light, strangely enough. This was knit using the Cosmicpluto Knits' free raglan pattern (see sidebar for her blog) as a model with some modifications. (shorter sleeves, shorter body length)
It is more on the side of this plum shade (below), not the fuschia looking color (above). Shown here knitting on one of the sleeves during the final knit session last night. This sweater has no seams, and is knit in the round. The sleeves I also knit in the round. I love that it has no seams, so most of the finishing will entail just weaving in yarn ends and sewing on buttons. The pattern is knit from the top down, obviously beginning at the top! Increases are made at markers for building the yoke so it fits over the upper body and across the shoulders. The sleeve stitches are placed on holders (in my case I had extra size 7 circs to hold the sleeve sts.) so you can knit down the rest of the body first. Later on, going back to knit the sleeves.

About 5 1/2 skeins were used of this yarn. It is a wool/silk blend. I used a size 7 circular needle throughout the project.


knittinwolf said...

Wow, what an awesome sweater! I haven't one this one and it looks like a fantastic pattern. Lovely color too! It looks like it'd be really soft yarn too. Great job!

Sandee said...

That is so cute! I love the color and the buttons. Will you be wearing it to the office this week?

Jeannine said...

Oh yes, I am going to have to wear it to the office this week! Indeed! thanks!!

Beatriz said...

You make such nice sweaters! This one came out so nice. And the fit is very flattering on you. Sorry I haven't posted any comments...I've been really busy gardening and reading and catching up on household chores after our cruise!

Anne said...

Your sweater is lovely and I love your quote. I also feel that knitting is a gift from God that I love sharing with others. Thank you so much