Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket

Starting with this nice Mirasol wool yarn, I cast on with size 6 circular needles to make the Baby Surprise Jacket. I have seen a sample at the local yarn shop using this same yarn and it was so cute! Casting on the 160 sts. and knitting in garter stitch across the neck and to both sleeve ends. Markers are placed and increases made at either side of them.

Working your way down the sweater you begin to decrease at points and your work resembles a jellyfish in shape. Everyone who has done this sweater has said to ignore the quirkiness of the shape and trust the pattern. So I march on....

Yes, a jellyfish. It does resemble that, but I can see how genius the pattern really is when I get to this point and "fold" it into shape. I am showing the two fronts on "hold" with stitch holders while I knit downward. Next step will be knitting the buttonbands where the holders are and doing finishing rows.

There will be seams along the length of the sleeves -on top of them and over the shoulders, and the rest of this sweater is seamless. No wonder so many thousands of people have done this amazing pattern.
Will show it later on when I figure out the buttonbands and buttonholes!

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Sandee said...

Oh,that looks absolutely perfect! No you are no longer a "BSJ-virgin"!