Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who's Calling?

A random musing for the day...not knitting related, however. It seems often when I am on spring break or my day off the phone will ring very early in the morning. Sometimes I will go answer it and nobody will be there. I joke about it being God trying to wake me up! Other times it could be a call from say...Wells Fargo or from Regence (obviously in another time zone altogether in more ways than one-ahem!) or from the shop trying to see how customer service was for us and then I feel like saying "it was ok until NOW"! Well this was such a morning, I mean one in which the phone rang early. A dear neighbor was in need so I put my half-finished cooking breakfast on "hold" on low so as not to set fire to anything and my latte sat minus the espresso to be added later, and put on clothes fit for the 30 degree weather (yeah it's springtime in Seattle)...and on my way I saw the cat left presents on the carpet for me to clean up. Such an nice bonus to start my day. Then I tripped over the scrapbook supplies on the floor. If I hurried, I could scoop the kitty litter and run it out to the trash in time for the garbage truck I could hear around the block! After this, I managed to go check on their house. No problem, the garage door was indeed closed so all was well. On the way back though I realized that it was very pleasant and light out, and a crisp chill in the air felt refreshing. Then I heard the birds just twittering and tweeting away...I realized this was lovely, this was very nice actually to be up and about and hearing God's creation waking up and those soothing sounds made my spirit feel as if I were quieted and stilled. Like when you go out camping or by the ocean. I thought, gee I would've missed the beginning and beauty of this new day if I hadn't come out here. Ok, minus the 30 degree weather would be better, granted. But what I would've missed out on if "God" hadn't called me this morning. How many times have I missed the stillness or sunrise of the early day and stayed wrapped up in my cozy cocoon? Sometimes answering someone's call or need, or stopping to help someone is like answering God's call and they, as well as we, end up far more blessed in the end than if we ignored the phone.


Beatriz said...

What a beautiful post to read. Thank you for sharing. My usual answer to calls when I don't recognize the voice is "May I take a message for her?" There's usually no message.

Delaney's Duds said...

Thank you so much for this post. Isn't it wonderful to see the beauty in the small things. Ahhh.