Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diversions from Poppy

Oh how technology can divert us from things we might otherwise be getting accomplished...They can be a mixed blessing- these things called Flickr, Ravelry and FaceBook. Fun, yet we can get sidetracked. Between planning a wedding and being sidetracked by diversions, knitting has suffered a bit. However, back on the "Poppy" sweater happily this week. Using the Noro Silk Garden...Mixed in with some other Cascade 220 heathered brown and Berroco brown...This sweater is knit in a tube for the body, then seamed. Then stitches are picked up around the top for the back and front. Then sleeves are made and seamed in. Not a seamless sweater.
Very nice to use your creativity to pick and choose what colorways you want in this one and how you want the stripes to go. This one is called "Poppy"from the book "Yarn Play". I am using some poppy color in mine, but alot of browns too.


knittinwolf said...

Love those colors...its going to be beautiful!

Beatriz said...

Wedding's so exciting!

What a nice use of color. I'm planning on making a pattern called Cozy Cabin Sweater. It calls for Silk Garden. Although I love the vibrant colors, I'm not crazy about how it feels. I did make a scarf using Silk Garden. The feel I was hoping for was something like Rowan Tapestry - what a luxury that is to knit with. Good luck on your new project!

Erin said...

Holy cow that's beautiful! I love all the colors!