Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wintery Garter Stitch Baby Coat

A cute little free pattern off of Ravelry. This one is  called Lino's Coat by Lili Comme Tout, modeled by Matilda Bear.
A garter stitch baby jacket done in Cascade Sierra in a Moss green which looks bluer here.

I looked up a U Tube on how to do a pom pom and took a few tries, but I made one for the hood. Shown here before blocking, of course!  One of my sleeves came out larger than the other, though I did try to mirror exactly the first sleeve. This resulted in a larger seam on one sleeve. Otherwise there are no seams except for the ones under the sleeves, and one on the hood. The hood is picked up from the neckline and then I did do a seam down the center of the hood, though instructions say you could do a 3 needle bind off to close up the hood as well.

This will look cute on a future grandchild one day. Into the stash it goes!

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Speattle said...

I ♥ garter stitch anything!