Friday, November 2, 2012

Do It Yourself Chalkboards

I got inspired to make some of my own little chalkboards! I thought I would use chalkboard paint, though there is also a spray you can get. I used the liquid kind. It is available at any craft store. I painted many coats on this art board letting the coats dry in between each layer. The only drawback to using this paint, is you get the foam brush marks on the finished product. So a spray would leave a smoother surface. However it still worked pretty well.
I also chose a tiny art board with an easel for fun, as well as a few picture frames. For these, I painted directly on the glass.

 After letting these dry a good looong time, I put them back together and tried them out with some chalk. Pretty darn cute!

The large board I put in the kitchen to use kind of like a Bistro menu board. Dinner is served!

 One of the frames I took in to work and on this one, I decided to put some chalkboard vinyl with adhesive backing on the reverse side of the glass. This chalkboard "paper" is sold in a roll, and usually found near the white boards.
I got some chalkboard Bistro markers that are like a paint pen, and come in quite a few colors. They wipe off with a damp cloth. Voila! It really makes a nice changeable greeting for the counter.
Happy Fall!

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