Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ciao! There's Yarn in Italy!

We started in Rome...

 Made our way via train to Orvieto, then rented a car and drove to Pienza. We stayed at Cretaiole Agriturismo. You can read all about the trip on my Italy Blog so I won't cover all the details here. You must go there and see all the pictures and videos I put up!

I did see a few small yarn shops in Lucca.

And a knitwear store in Montepulciano.

While in Florence, I was somewhat lost trying to find the Accademia museum to see The David. I stumbled upon a yarn shop when I came down this street. It was one I had looked up online prior to our departure.
It was Campolmi Roberto Filati Yarn

Right there on my little "lost" pathway. It was so comforting to turn and see this wall of yarn in front of me. You have no idea...

I of course went in and immediately got 3 skeins of sportweight merino, just because I could, and because it was only 2 euros a skein.
 The ladies there were so nice and pointed me in the direction of the museum...
 And since I had to get something from a street vendor, I chose this one in a lively stripe. It is cotton.
I actually was glad I didn't bring any knitting with me. We had absolutely no room in our bags since we carried everything on, and we had no elbow room in economy class, and our brains were just fried from the long flights that all we wanted to do was zone out and stare at our little screens and wait for them to bring us the next drink or meal on the flight. We could not sleep the whole way to and fro. It was a great trip, besides the travel part! Check out the Italy Blog!

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