Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrifty Fun Summer Finds

Sometimes a little summer thrift browsing can make you happy! Here are a few of my recent treasures. A little West Elm vase found at the consignment shop near me in a pretty chic shade of blue. The flowers were from dahlia plants in our yard that we planted last summer. I just go out and clip more when I need fresh ones.

An avocado green vase from thrift store in that old type of glass that reminds me of my Grandma Lois, fit for some of our lavendar, also from the back yard.

A Sigrid Olsen top found at V. Village for a mere pittance. I have never been able to afford one from this designer.

Some Franco Sarto flats found at St. Vincent dePaul, never worn. And some Me Too flats, also never worn. Both for mere dollars. I am loving thrift store finds!

A summer fun plant found at Trader Joes that can tolerate indoor lighting as well as shade, with beautiful curling leaves and a plum underside.

Having shopping and summer fun doesn't have to cost much! It's time to go out in the back yard and pick some blueberries :)


Sandee said...

Just picked a pint of blueberries a few minutes ago. They are the size of small grapes and perfectly ripe!

Also gathered lettuces, onions and carrots and peas for salad. I saw that the first of the scarlet runner beans are forming!

Yay for summer gardens!

knitterbeader said...

Love your "thrift finds", especially the blue vase, and the plant with the green leaves w/purple underneath. You did quite well. I like to hit the thrift shops as well - lots of fun to get a good price!