Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roma Wrap/Shawl

I hear you need to keep your shoulders covered when entering churches in for fun, I thought I would try a little wrap/shawl and see how it feels. It might be too heavy and hot to wear, but I thought since I already had the yarn, why not? I am not particularly into shawls, but I think I might be more inclined to wear one that is more the size of a wrap and not too busy and complicated. I found this one on Ravelry.  It is called  Azzu's Shawl. Shown in progress, the little wrap...using one skein of a sport weight superwash Unisono merino wool using size 7 needles. I have used this yarn before and it's really pretty, made in Germany. It is self-striping and lovely to knit with. 
This was a fun project to take along and knit while at the beach or in the car. Very simple. I was able to make it to almost the end of the pattern, then was about to run out of yarn so I bound off. 

Modeling  the finished wrap/shawl at the ocean. It is pretty, yet smallish. It looks rather bunchy as it is not blocked out yet. The stockinette edges roll in some. However, blocking can work when I get home I will try that.

Kind of cheating here and holding the point down in the back to spread the shawl out for you to see.

Shown blocking (below). I hope to see if I can get some more width and length out of it once it gets smoothed out.

After blocking, shown on a chair:

Before blocking.....

Below, after blocking....I didn't use official blocking pins and do it all exactly the right way, but I did use push pins on mats with a towel over it. Even so, with my not being exact in my methods, blocking still makes all the difference as far as the appearance!
I will model it again later on....for now I must unpack!

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