Thursday, January 19, 2012

Changing Seasons

If you were paying attention, one beautiful winters night in Seattle, you would've seen this amazing sunset right in your own backyard. You would've stood in awe as it changed and morphed into something spectacular. We called it "Jenny's sunset", in honor of my cousin who had surgery and was in our prayers at the time.

And if you blinked, you entered into a new season of magical snowfall, that closed down our city for nearly a week ... first with its heavy snowfall and subsequent ice storm, then followed by the threat of flooding. I think it is all mom's fault because she made this Christmas card....What do you think?

 What's a Seattle knitter to do with all this snow and days home from school, which for me is work? Well that is obvious, don't you think? However, I never guessed we would be without power in 29 degree (below) weather and I'd be knitting with an REI headlamp on my head. So thankful for our gas fireplace! A sneak peak at the next sweater project. I am dreaming of spring...spring green and leaves.
Leaflet, on size 10 needles and using Eco Wool once again. It's inexpensive, it's chunky and it's wool. And it is helping keep me from going stir crazy being cooped up inside the house.


knitterbeader said...

Love this post. That sunset is something else. I'm so ready to get back to "normal" weather. I do think we will try to get out on the road today - "cabin fever" is here! Our power outages were 4 hours one day and 12 hours yesterday. It is beautiful, but enough is enough. Keep warm and knit on! The color of your yarn is beautiful.

Jeannine said...

Thanks, never thought I'd say this, but I am so glad to see rain today!

Speattle said...

We DID see that sunset! It was so bright and beautiful. The front of our house faces west, and I thought that someone was shining a light through the blinds. Well, The One was!

I didn't get any pictures of it. From our front most was blocked by houses, but we could tell it was spectacular.

Your mom can share blame with me. I sent out cards that said :"Let It Snow" also, but at least I hand-wrote underneath the greeting: "But not too much..."