Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Friend Cardigan

I am going to make this Best Friend Cardigan for fun! I liked the funky, chunky look of it.
It's by Wenlan Chia from her book: Twinkle's Big City Knits. I was trying to import the photo of the actual sweater up there, but it is a link to Ravelry instead. (Tiny picture of it below)
The pattern calls for size 19 needles and a super chunky yarn made by Classic Elite, which I cannot find. Also some reviewers' comments made me want to substitute a different yarn. I am using Louet -Riverstone bulky/chunky weight in lilac with size 15 circs, and am trying for a size 38/40. So I have had to calculate my gauge and adjust accordingly. My yarn is not as chunky, and the pattern is written for very small sizes.

The pattern calls for bobbles, which I am omitting. All the while laughing at other's comments about how they thought the bobbles were similar to bovine body parts! It is started from the bottom up, has a cable pattern repeat running up the front, which I will be repeating more times due to my gauge. There are buttonholes every 8th row. It has reverse stockinette showing on the right side. Many Ravelry users have commented on the pattern so I am getting some tips there. The sleeves are meant to be knit separately and flat, then attached with a sleeve cap, however many have done them in the round and seamlessly. Why lilac? No particular reason, other than I got it on sale, and it was bulky. And I thought I would have enough yardage to give it a whirl. We shall see if it is indeed my Best Friend when I am through!


Sandee said...

Oh yeah, glad you are omitting the bobbles. Depending on where they hit on your frame, I don't think they would be CPCS appropriate. You would likely be dress coded!

knitterbeader said...
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knitterbeader said...

You go, brave girl. I'm not a good enough knitter to start out using both different sized needles and yarn and knitting sleeves in the round instead of separate. I'll be watching and expecting your success!

Sorry for the deleted post, I left out a couple of words! Senior moment!

Jeannine said...

yep, no bovine bobbles for me! Well I also got some Wool Ease Thick and Quick in case this yarn doesn't work out. And have a few Ravelry people flagged that have done it with that as well as topdown. Wish me luck!