Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Catching" Again

"Fetching" is still very "Catching" around here too. See what I started? The really altered version for my artsy daughter, which no longer resembles the original "Fetching" at all since it is now "sans" the cables altogether, at her request. She wanted simple, no cables and that's what she got. Using RYC Cashcroft DK, one skein. Lightweight and soft.
And I got the homemade mocha with the candycane!

My niece's version was done with O-Wool Classic and turns out it is a very sturdy yarn, holds definition, doesn't split, however doesn't stretch or give much either. The verdict is still out on this yarn choice for this project. She wanted the plum color and that was right on. How many more of these can I do, you ask? As many as relatives ask for them I guess! Until I am sick of the pattern!


Anonymous said...

on the O~Wool Classic... try soaking and blocking. The yarn tends to 'release' after this process and become softer and may have more give... just a suggestion
-marin @ o-wool

Jeannine said...

Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it! I think the glove might "grow" a bit, but it might be worth a try. I have some Euclan wash I can try on it, gently!

Sheila said...

I love them all...what size needle are you using with the dk?

And yes, I think a nice bath will work wonders for the O-Wool. I'll be interested to hear how it works.

Jeannine said...

I'm using 6 dpns,but with DK weight you could bump to a 5 if you wanted. Then I don't know if you'd need to cast on more though.

Sandee said...

Are you able to do these in your sleep now? LOL!