Sunday, December 27, 2009

All A Knitter Wants For Christmas...

Books about knitting... A gift card to get more yarn...which I did...Some nice baby Alpaca!

And a few new beads to go on my bracelet that are "yarn related!" Note the "sheep" and the one that looks like a "sweater"...and there is the new one that is "coffee beans" to make my day even more fun!

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!


Sheila said...

Somebody has great taste (and knows you well!). I'm so glad your Christmas was good. Fifteen Fetchings? You must hold the record. Have a great New Year!

Sandee said...

Oh, you lucky girl! What a thoughtful Santa you know.

I got a nice GC to VYT too. What are you going to do with the yarn? My Sis In Law sent me 5 hanks of that same yarn for my birthday (different color) and there are a couple of vest patterns I have been considering.

I love your bracelet charms. So very "You".

Happy week off work!

Jeannine said...

Hi, thanks! Oh and also I forgot, my daughter gave me a silver "ball of yarn" on a necklace that someone handmade on Etsy. Very appropriate gift! With the yarn I'll do probably a scarf, I know, boring, but I love the colors in that yarn and they had a lovely teal/brown colorway in it too. OK, 15 Fetchings is way too many. Gotta admit...I'm "Fetched" out.

Beatriz said...

Merry Christmas! You scored some beautiful gifts for Christmas...yarn and knitting books.