Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shalom Two Begins

Beginning my second Shalom top-down cardi seems appropriate this time of year since I received the yarn for Christmas last year and it's about that season again. And I love that "Shalom" means "Peace". Yarn shown here, no flash. A nice big bowl of Noro Kureyon goodness. Cast on with 97 stitches, as the gauge of this yarn is much smaller than my previous Shalom's yarn choice.

Shalom is a free pattern by Meghan McFarlane and she has a great blog, Involving the Senses, listed on my Blogroll to the right. Just click there and it will hyperlink you to her site and the pattern. After two Thanksgiving meals have passed by, and even the leftovers, we are now decorated for Christmas and it's time to relax and enjoy some holiday weekend knitting time!

Shown here before I had to take my work (r-i-p!) out after realizing I needed to cast on more than 97 sts. due to the gauge. I added 12 more sts. Hoping this will solve the problem of sizing. Boo hoo, I hate it when I have to start over.

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