Friday, June 26, 2009

Poppy Sleeve Success

After one botched attempt at the sleeve cap, I ended up "cutting off" the top of the sleeve, unraveling down to the point that was below the decreases, to begin picking up the live stitches again and knitting upward once more. This time, I was able to knit back and forth for the sleeve cap decreasing and shaping-something I didn't do the first time- and was finally successful in completing the first sleeve. Shown here tucked in at the sleeve opening. I have begun the second sleeve, which I am trying to match striping on as I go. Many late nights later...This is shaping up to being a real "eye catching" sweater. People have stopped me at my knit night, complete strangers, to come and look at it. There will be finishing ad nauseum (ew!) due to all the striping and ends to work in, but not much seaming now since I worked the sleeves in the round. I will have to do seams for set-in sleeves. And a crochet edging I will have to learn how to do around neckline and bottom.


Delaney's Duds said...

looks great! I really like the colors you picked. we're getting your weather over here.... :o)

Beatriz said...

This is coming out really nice. And the fall autumn colors will look really good on you. I've been MIA for a sister came to visit for a couple of weeks so it's been really busy around here. I finished a feather and fan sweater and added it to Ravelry. Great for summer weather. Hope to blog post very soon.

Erin said...

Wow! Again, it's gorgeous. Your work is always so amazing & inspiring. I can't wait to hear how the crochet goes. I stink at that! Good thing there's youtube!