Saturday, January 31, 2009

Violette is Conquered!

I learned on this project, that if only a few people on Ravelry have done it, and you are one of the "first" to try it, that it can be challenging to not have others with which to compare notes. This project stretched me, perplexed me, challenged me, and blew me away! And after I was done with it, I felt kind of proud to have accomplished it! Better pics are posted on my Ravelry page of the finished Violette Le Duc. I seem to have lost the photo files on my archives. But this gives you a good idea of it worn right side up:
The sleeves aren't tiny like it looks in pic at this angle, but here it is done and blocking on the towel! We both tried it on and it fits! Will show rightside up and upside down shots later. Don't think it is going to work to wear it upside down as they showed in the pattern book. Doesn't jive with the sleeve positioning. Despite my finding of errors in pattern and my goof-ups and came together. With each pattern you learn something new. I have conquered Violette!
This is one of those garments, however that was more of a fun challenge to complete, but that I don't see myself wearing as often as other sweaters.

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Erin said...

That looks nice! At least from the inside out!