Monday, October 6, 2008

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Visits Seattle Again

As you recall, I met Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (lovingly known as the Yarn Harlot for her love of all things "yarn") back in April of this year at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA (Seattle) and got to hold the honorable traveling sock! What a thrill! Not just to hold the sock, of course, but to meet her in person.Tonight she came back again to speak and do a reading out of her new book, Free-Range Knitter. Again, the house was packed. And she was very funny as always. Not only was she humorous, but she discussed why it is that we knitters knit, and how it can be so valuable to self-esteem to work on a pattern, see it to completion and create something of beauty. Here was part of the crowd from where I sat...And here's Stephanie as she takes a picture of the cute sweater-clad babies in the front of the book signing line. She is wearing the Hey Teach sweater, which is in my queue of things to knit, by the way.Very nice sweater....She talks about the making of this sweater and much more on her blogsite. (link is to your right)I feel fortunate to have heard her speak twice and get such enjoyment out of her stories and insight into knitting. I feel that God is a creative God and He made us to love to create things too! Not to sound like a book commercial or anything, but I am enjoying reading it. And it is always a blast to be in a room full of other knitters! I saw people making scarves, shawls, socks, felted name it!Today I had the joy of helping a knitter "re-learn" to knit after many years of non-knitting. She did so well and it was a proud moment when she held up her few inches of "scarf!" I worked on seaming my Everyday Cardi arms and sides while she knit alongside me. :)


Erin said...

That's really cool & I'm really jealous! Next time you should definitely tell her to come SOUTH!

Jeannine said...

I cannot believe I've seen her really is unbelievable. I think we are the "hot spot" for bookstores up here and also Portland, OR...She did a big tour this spring as well. Wish you could've been here!