Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scharffen Berger Day

And it's not a bad name for a chocolate bar either...Maybe it should be called "Snarffen Berger"... This is the kind of afternoon we are having here. Can you see the rain pelting down in torrential downpour fashion? It is June, folks! Where's the sun? I bought a bar of my favorite dark chocolate (loaded with antioxidants, mind you!) Then the checker dude forgot to put it in my cart! Can you believe that?? What with the price of gas nowadays, do you think I wanted to drive ALL the way back to the store to get my chocolate bar? You bet your sweet dark 62 % cocao, I sure did!
It's a perfect evening for reading, scrapping or knitting! Take your pick... Definitely not barbequeing like friends in the warmer states! Oh yeah, this is the Evergreen State! I forgot. I think I will go console myself now with my "Snarffen Berger" chocolate!


Beatriz said...

Dark chocolate makes even rainy days seem brighter.

Genesis 30:22 said...

I like the songs. Me & my husband are in the band at church and we play some Third Day stuff.