Monday, December 26, 2011

Wooly Christmas!

First, I need to show the mother/daughter project results of our Vitamin D sweater! My mom looks great in hers! She showed up in it Christmas morning so I ran and put mine on too. It was fun to do a project with my mom. She's a fantastic knitter! And a very fun momma!
 My daughter has been busy making these little felt ornaments this year and this set belongs to her lucky sister:
 This set belongs to lucky me!:
 She also made me these little notecards, somewhat similar to last years'. They are new little critters playing with yarn again! If you are interested in her etsy shop, it is here:{ helloyellowbird}
 My husband was sneaky and asked my friend about getting me a yarn swift and ball winder without me knowing about it! I am having such fun winding up my skeins!

I forgot to add this shot earlier... my sis in law gave me this sweet ornament which is a knitting bag filled with yarn and needles and says "Queen of Knitting". Cute! Hope you had a warm and Wooly Christmas!


twoknitwit said...

you and your mom look wonderful!! great job on the matching sweaters and cute picture!

and how do I get on your talented ornament-making daughter's Christmas list??? those are WONDERFUL!!!

happy holidays, Jeannine!

Jeannine said...

Thanks, they were fun to knit together. The ornaments and notecards: she is thinking she might sell them custom to order on etsy, but is in the process of getting her shop set up. You can email me if you are interested. :)

twoknitwit said...

I'd love to know if she gets a shop up and running! Just drop me a note on ravelry with her shop name when she's ready and I'll give her a little business!

thanks! Melissa