Friday, March 25, 2011

Springtime Baby Vest

I got this cute card and it is showing up sideways. Why? I can't rotate it in this post. My daughter gave it to me. Isn't it cute?
Other Springtime friends recently discovered and eaten...Bunny with buck teeth..eaten by me.
Chocolate with chocolate ganache.
And sleepy Chickie eaten by hubby... with.lemon curd inside.
I have "borrowed" permanently these photos from Sheila at Knit Night, since my phone was of inferior quality compared to that of hers. I like her blog: Material Thoughts. And the way she tells the story of Shaun the sheep is clever. It's all true...I do look happy and I did eat this...the whole thing.

Spring has definitely sprung, by the looks of the cherry blossom trees outside. When I saw this cute springy cupcake, I just had to get it for the "cute factor." He looks a bit worried doesn't he? He was rather tasty...poor guy. Speaking of cute things, what could be cuter than a new baby? Getting going on a little baby cardigan for my neighbor's first grandson using a baby bamboo yarn. It has seed stitch for the hem and button band. I may make it into a vest if I run out of yarn for the sleeves.

So far I have knit upwards on the back, then shoulder stitches on one side were held. Next I am proceeding to knit downward on one of the fronts, increasing at the neckline to make the V-neck.
Here's hoping I have plenty for the buttonband and to finish the armholes.
This has now become a vest!
This is a great and easy little pattern:
Springtime Baby Cardi by Kaity Von Rader. A free pattern on Ravelry. I made my vest version with less than 2 skeins of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo on size 6 needles.
Need some buttons!
Here we go!
As seen recently on the baby, about 5 weeks old. I think he's a good sized guy! And quite adorable too!

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knitterbeader said...

Cute sheep cupcake! Don't you just love the Sirdar bamboo yarn? I made a One Row Lace Scarf with this yarn and it was so nice and drapey! Are you lovin' the sunshine - I am!