Saturday, January 8, 2011

Green Day Vest

And here's the finished Green Day Vest -The pattern was free on Ravelry.
Of course I haven't really blocked it yet. I can never wait for that! This vest fit the bill for using my Irish wool. I had been saving this wool since my trip to Dublin Bay Knitting Company a few years ago. Wanting something with cables, just waiting for the right pattern. I thought maybe a vest without sleeves so I wouldn't get too warm. This vest will always remind me of our trip down to Portland, where we discovered the culinary delights of eating out there. And our little trolley trip to the Pearl District with my patient friends, who browsed in a card shop while I bought this yarn. The neckline is deeper than some vests. That could be adjusted by starting later on the neckline decreases. Used size 8 needles for body, size 6 needles for ribbing and my beloved stash of Aran Wool from Kerry Woollen Mills. Modified by adding a nice buttonband to front. I learned the 3- needle bind off method (a link below in my text), and had fun with slipping stitches and passing them over. I do like the one-row button hole for a tidy buttonhole method. (link below in text)

Stages of the Green Day Vest:
Interesting hemline with a twisted knit stitch every third row.

Ribbing across the back is a P2K6. I omitted the called-for side cables from armhole to hem.Working the cable pattern up the front. It's popping out nicely.Showing the piece layed out with the back in the "middle". Stitches are put on hold on the fronts while you work up the back and bind off the armholes and neckline.Neckline stitches are decreased after completing the cable and then fronts are knit upward to "meet" the back. Shoulder seams are made using the 3 needle bind off method. Very easy and very clean way to seam the shoulders.Stitches are picked up around the neckline using size 6 needles. I picked up 120 stitches total. Then worked 8 rows of K2P2 rib, and bound off on WS. Next I picked up 48 stitches for each front buttonband and did 8 rows of K2P2 rib. I made six one row buttonholes 4 stitches apart. These are the nicest finished buttonholes I have ever done. The U-Tube tutorial is easy to follow. Lastly, I will pick up some stitches around the armholes for another little ribbed edge, then get some buttons on and try to block this one a bit! Then it will be time to wear!


knitterbeader said...

Vest is lookin' great! The cables are looking just fine - popping out!

Jeannine said...

yahoo for the cables! Thanks, knitterbeader!