Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slinky Rib Sleeves, Alpaca Visit

Finished with the first sleeve. Made it 3/4 length instead of short like the pattern. I did decreases about every seven rows. Did stockinette for a few inches, then one purl row, a few more stockinette and then cast off. At the end I had 66 stitches on the needle. I may do this purl row finish to the bottom of the sweater to match, which would mean redoing the last bit of the sweater hem over. I don't like how much it rolls. It's supposed to roll and may block out a bit, but it's rolling alot. So the extra purl row should help the rolling a bit. The photo in the book pictures this "purl" addition on the modified version as well.

A parent at our school has an alpaca farm and these are some samples he brought in to show us today of the different fibers off three of the alpacas. (Bad cell phone picture) Undyed, these are the natural colors. Nice... Showing the sleeve progress on Slinky Rib, knitting downward on dpns:

I am getting a bit tired of ribbing, but I want the sleeves longer than in the pattern. So onward I go. Or downward I go.


knitterbeader said...

Your slinky rib is coming right along - can't wait to see it finished. That alpaca looked yummy. By the way, like your new blog format.

Jeannine said...

Oh thanks, it is just one of the "canned" new formats you can pick from. I am making some headway on the sleeve finally! I wanted the whole bin of alpaca he brought in...