Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beginning Poppy Sweater

With yarn that I got in San Diego, mixed in with some I had in my stash...

this is the beginning of "Poppy". After seeing others do this one on Ravelry I was so excited to make it, and was delighted to have found the book: "Yarn Play/Yarn Play at Home", by Lisa Shobhana Mason, at my local bookstore on sale with this pattern in it. This sweater was created with the idea that you would use your leftover stash to make it. This is the body done in vertical striping with a main color and contrast colors added, and purl ridges added randomly. It is knit this way until you have a tube long enough to fit around your middle.
Then the yoke and sleeves will be added on top. In between wedding planning and such, and finishing that other hat, I am poking along. It is nice not to have to think too hard on this one and watching the colors change.

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