Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aran Scarf-My First Cables

Queensland Collection-Kathmandu Aran Wool-merino, silk, cashmere blend
Size 8 needles. Cast on 42 st.
Ok, I couldn't wait to practice cabling so Mom got me going on the stash of Aran wool I got in Winthrop, and I CO yesterday for an Aran Scarf pattern. This is good practice for me. Everyone says cabling is easy. Just passing stitches on and off cable needle, either holding to the front or back of work. This is my first time actually attempting cabling. I am getting the hang of it. Found a few pattern errors so far. I will have to see if there is an errata sheet on their site. Pattern is from and called Aran Scarf. (click on Aran Scarf for pdf file download)

This is dark, but you can see the cabling in this photo coming along.....


Anonymous said...

so if I had to guess, it looks like you knit a thousand things a you wear or keep all this or gift it out?

Jeannine said...

So far I have only knit one tank and one cardigan since Sept.07 and that took me months! I just have alot "in progress" so it only seems like alot! The two sweater garments were knit to fit me, so I am not experienced or fast enough to gift them out. Plus I pick expensive wool! I have a ton of scarves I can gift out though.

Anonymous said...

You hae inspired me to try the Aran Scarf that you are knitting here.
I hae searched for an errata posting but have been unable to find one.
If you discovered the errors would you please share them with a cabling beginner?
Thanks for any help you have to offer.
chloe >>eholc77 @ aol . com