Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long Sleeved Cardigan

My next project is this long sleeved cardigan out of the same pattern book using Twilleys of Stamford wool, but this time in Air (lots of blues). It is coming along pretty well. It has alot of ribbing along the waistline.

I'm done with the back, (shown in progress below), the left front and now am working on the right front.

I love the slightly khaki color that is also in this yarn and how it self-stripes. Though I will not be able to match the stripes I'm sure when I get to seaming later on...


Carol said...

The yarn on this one is very cool. I didn't even know you were working on yet another sweater (or maybe I did). I'm still stuck on my black one. I sent off the two Yarn Harlot books to my friends. I hope they get as many laughs as I did! Thanks for clueing me in on her arrival here is Seattle.

NeenerKnits said...

You could have a huge site of your own with all the sweaters you've done! Hope your friends like the books! It was great fun going with you. You are a whiz at author signings!